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Home Insurance

At the core of our insurance commitment lies the belief that ‘Home is where the heart is.’ Elevate the protection of your cherished haven with our special Home Insurance products. Tailored for your needs, our comprehensive policy safeguards your home (Building and its contents) against a spectrum of risks – from Fire, explosion, to burglary. Embrace flexibility by adding benefits like coverage for terrorism and floods. Choose assurance, choose us for a secure tomorrow.

What’s Great About Fairfirst’s Home Insurance Policy?

24x7 Customer Support

24x7 Customer Support

Our Call Centre handled by actual humans, is operational 24/7 365 days of year to attend to your every need.

Great Value

Great Value

Customized policies which protect your most prized possessions making them affordable for you and your pocket!

Contactless Process

Contactless Process

Everything from buying a home insurance policy to making claims is simple and can be done online!

What’s covered in our Home Insurance policy?

What are the advantages of protecting your home with a Home Insurance?

Electrical Extra

A free additional coverage of up to 5% of the building value or Rs.250,000, whichever is less, in the case of damage caused to wiring and permanent electrical fittings.

Third-party Fees

Your policy will be extended to cover payments due to architects, surveyors and consulting engineers up to an additional 5% of the claim value.

Removal of Debris

Claim up to an additional 5% of the building claim amount if any debris needs to be removed from the accident site.

Alternative Accommodation

Additional expenses for alternative accommodation up to Rs.10,000 per month.

Coverage Does Not Include

How to file a Home Insurance Claim?

If you’ve purchased a Fairfirst Home Insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing that we have a completely digital enabled claims process!

*Subject to terms, and conditions.

    *Please note that inquiries received after office hours (8:30 to 5:00), on weekends and on mercantile holidays will be followed up on the next working day.



    • Feel free to call us on 011 2428428 whenever you feel comfortable or wish to know more about this cover. What you see above is just a snapshot of our policy and we’d be more than happy to go over the fine-print with you.
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