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Marine Insurance

To the average person, marine logistics is ships transporting goods between ports, but in reality, there’s a lot more to it and we understand its many components. Our Marine Insurance Policy covers everything from your ships to cargo both at sea and on land during transit. You can select exactly what and where to insure!


Featured Products

Cargo Imports And Exports

• Protects against loss or damage to cargo
• Three internationally recognised types of cover
• Coverage for domestic or international journeys

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Produce In Transit

• Coverage for tea, coconut and rubber
• Includes from plucking/picking to delivery
• Policy covers an all-risk basis, subject to terms & conditions.

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More Products

Goods In Transit

• Recover from risks due to traffic accidents, natural hazards, etc
• Suitable for Agents & Distributors of cargo
• Provided on accidental damage basis or all-risk basis.

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Stock Throughput

• Single policy coverage
• Wider coverage on a global basis
• All-risks insurance from raw materials to final product is protected.

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• Covers physical damage to the ship/vessel
• Coverage on an all-risks basis
• Inclusive of Jet skis, yachts, tugboats, tankers etc.

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Inland Transit

• Valid within geographical limits of Sri Lanka
• Coverage on accidental damage basis or an all-risk basis
• Not applicable for a series of transits.

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