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Health Insurance

Our specialised Retail Health Insurance policy, covering over 30 conditions is created to meet all your health insurance needs. Therefore, in the event of a health condition, you have one less thing to worry about. We’ll be there to cover medical expenses and hospital charges while you look after your health. We base the premium on age providing you with a transparent calculation structure. Anyone over 45 years of age will need to undergo a medical check-up before obtaining this policy.

3 Reasons to Choose Fairfirst Health Insurance

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Leave the medical expenses and bills to us.

Conveniently Digital

Conveniently Digital

We’re always online; get insured and make your claim instantly.

Wide Coverage

Wide Coverage

Our policy covers over 30 conditions.

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a type of general insurance that protects you from financial costs of a health condition or medical emergency such as a disease, illness or even an accident.

This includes the coverage of Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation Expenses, Ambulance Coverage & Critical Illness Treatments.

We strive to provide affordable care that fits your lifestyle.

What's Great About Fairfirst's Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Made Easy

From a policy to making claims, we enable a paperless, quick and hassle-free process! No hard copies, even for claims!

Island-wide Hospital Network

Enjoy the benefits of cashless treatments or reimbursements from any of our partner hospitals island-wide.

Pick Your Coverage Plans

Choose the best plan that fits your needs. We offer a wide range of sum insure options that makes sure you're covered throughout the year.

What's Covered In Our Retail Health Insurance Policies?


What should I do if the account details are not updated in the portal?

You can reach out to HR / Broker for more advice

What information is available in the health portal?
  • Policy Details
  • Claim Status
  • Contact Person’s Details (Underwriting & Claims & Sales)

What should I do if my family members are not included on the cover?

You can reach out to HR / Broker for more advice

How do I use the portal with my Smartphone / Personal Laptop?

Enter the following details and log in through the registration link provided to you (log in via your personal mobile or laptop)

  • Policy Number
  • EPF Number
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

Do I need to write any details on the bills before submitting them?

Yes. Please write the wording ‘Submitted to Fairfirst on DD/MM/YY’ on the bill header of each original claim document.

How to submit a claim?
  • 1st step - Open the New Claim Tab
  • 2nd step - Create New Claim
  • 3rd step - Fill in the claim details and upload the document/s with the wordings ‘Submitted to Fairfirst on DD/MM/YY’
  • 4th step - Add the Total Amount
  • 5th step - Submit the Claim

How do I know if the claim has been resolved?

Click on the "Claim Tab" to view your claim history

I have forgotten my password; what should I do?
  • 1st step - Click the "Forgot Password" tab
  • 2nd step - Enter the company email address and click the reset button
  • 3rd step - A "No Reply" email has been sent to your company email. Copy the link and paste it into a new tab and press enter
  • 4th step - Enter a new password and click the Reset button
  • 5th step - Then enter the email address and the new password you provided and login to the portal

How do I know that the claim/s was successfully uploaded through the portal?

After uploading the document, specifying the amount, and clicking the submit button, a notification will appear.

How do I know if all the provided documents are in order?

If there is a problem with the uploaded document, you can download and view it.

How do I check my balance limit?

Please contact our hotline at 0112 428 428

How do I check my claim status?

How do I know if my claim was remitted - you can check the claim status by clicking on the "Claim Tab".
The remitted amount will be notified via an SMS (the remitted date will already be mentioned)
The settlement summary will be shared with the HR/Broker

How do I upgrade my limit?

You can reach out to HR / Broker for more advice

How can I view the policy period?

You can view the policy period by clicking on the scheme details bar in the "Policy Tab"

How can I get to know about the claim liability?

You can reach out to HR / Broker for more advice

How can I get to know about the policy coverage?

You can reach out to HR / Broker for more advice

How do I know if the doctor/medical institute was backlisted or not?

You can check these details by reaching out to HR or visiting our website

How do I find out if a hospital is backlisted/registered/empanelled?

You can check these details by reaching out to HR or visiting our website

How do I get to know about the cashless and reimbursement process?

Please contact our hotline at 0112 428 428


  • Feel free to call us on 011 2428428 whenever you feel comfortable or wish to know more about this cover. What you see above is just a snapshot of our policy and we’d be more than happy to go over the fine-print with you.