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Health Claims

Here’s how you can get claiming!

Get your hospital bill reimbursed by us

Once you have consulted a doctor and obtained OPD treatment OR gotten yourself hospitalized at an approved hospital (Indoor treatment) all you have to do is pay the hospital bill and send across all the original documents/bills to us. We will reimburse the paid amount to you in a jiffy!

Get your bill settled by us directly to the hospital (Only for indoor treatments)


In the event of hospitalization

Give us a call on our 24×7 hotline 011 2428428 and inform us that you will be getting admitted to a Fairfirst empaneled hospital. Also, make sure you hand over the Fairfirst health cash card to the hospital during your admission.
You will receive a reference number thereafter. Hold onto that!
When being discharged, once again give us a call on 0112428428 to give us a heads up while making sure the diagnosis card and the hospital bill are ready.
Our agent will meet you at the hospital and settle the bill to the hospital directly.


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