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Commercial Bank

Unforeseen circumstances can hit you at the best and the worst times. An insurance plan that provides a financial safety net to help you get through difficult times is a key way to prepare to face life’s unpredictable events. Commercial Bank partnered with us at Fairfirst Insurance to provide ‘Flash’ account holders with medical insurance coverage to users, in case of medical emergencies.

Commercial Bank customers who opens an account using the “Flash” digital banking app, will gain access to this coverage. The easy payment scheme and the comprehensive range of benefits of the policy surely would put your mind at ease!

What it Covers?

Coverage scheme Basic Silver Gold
Monthly premium for the policyholder 60.00 90.00 150.00
Monthly premium for the policyholder’s spouse 45.00 60.00 100.00
Monthly premium for the policyholder’s child 30.00 45.00 75.00
Daily allowance 1,000.00 2,000.00 3,000.00
Annual limit (per Individual/Per
30,000.00 60,000.00 90,000.00

*Above benefits are available to all insured persons during the policy period;

Special Features

Terms & Conditions


Particulars of cover and exclusions given above are not complete or exhaustive. For more details please call us on 0112 428 428 or visit one of our nearest branches.