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Shop Protector

If you’re a shop owner shopping for the best protection for your shop, then we have a great deal for you! Our Shop Protector Policy covers your property and inventory for theft, accidents and natural disasters, and you can select the options you need. For example if you’re in the hills and flooding isn’t a problem, then you don’t have to pay for it!

What It Covers

Property Damage


Standard covers applicable for property damage

Free Benefits Applicable for Property Damage



Money in transit, money within the premises during normal business hours or cash in a safe out of normal business hours, cover up to a maximum of LKR 500,000/-. This includes a free cover for misappropriation of cash by shop employees.

Personal Accident

Covers you, your family members and employees up to a maximum of 5 persons. Maximum limit of LKR 250,000/- per person. In the event of an accidental death of the insured, an amount for funeral expenses is paid under this cover.

Workmen's Compensation

Provides a free cover for employees for accidents and sicknesses arising out of and in the course of their employment with you.

Public Liability

Provides a free legal liability cover for third party bodily injury or property damage up to a limit of LKR 1 million

Daily Hospital Allowance

Up to LKR 2,000/- for 14 days of hospitalisation due to an accident for the insured.

This Policy Does Not Cover (General Exclusions)

Provisions Relating to Cancellation of the Policy

Insured cancellation

Prior to cancellation of the policy, a 7 days’ notice should be sent to the insurer via registered post or mailed to the last shown address. In such an event a refund of the premium will be paid to the insured on a short period basis.

Insurer cancellation

Prior to the cancellation of the policy, the insurer will be sent a 7 day notice via registered post or mailed to the last shown address by our records, stating when such cancellation shall be effective. In such an event, the company will return to the insured the premium paid, less the pro-rata portion thereof for the period the policy has been in force.


  • Feel free to call us on 011 2428428 whenever you feel comfortable or wish to know more about this cover. What you see above is just a snapshot of our policy and we’d be more than happy to go over the fine-print with you. 
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