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Electronic Equipment Insurance

A safeguard for the tech-driven facets of modern living. As technology becomes ubiquitous, your home or business likely to possess a plethora of electronic devices, some quite costly.

Our policy offers comprehensive coverage, protecting against accidental damages, breakdowns and even burglary. Whether it is network servers or other valuable electronics, ensure their security with a policy designed to keep pace with the evolving landscape of technology. Choose our Electronic Equipment Insurance as a shield for your electronic devices.

The following items are included within this policy

The Electronic Equipment Policy is structured as:

The scope of cover is on an all-risk basis due to sudden, unforeseen and accidental loss or damage to equipment caused by:

Basis of Sum Insured

The sum insured must represent the new replacement value of the equipment including custom duties, transportation and installation charges.

*Subject to terms, and conditions.


Particulars of cover and exclusions given above are not complete or exhaustive. For more details please call us on 0112 428 428 or visit one of our nearest branches.