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3 Days

Dear Policyholder

This is to inform you that your insurance policy is issued on credit and thereby the premium is outstanding as at today. The policy will exceed the 60 days grace period allowed under the premium payment warranty clause of the policy.

Whilst requesting you to pay the premium in order to ensure that the cover under the policy continues, in the event of the premium not being settled within 60 days from the date of inception, the policy and the insurance cover therein will become automatically null and void from the inception and we shall not be liable for any claim devolving on the policy.

The above consequential action is in terms of the premium warranty Clause which all Insurers have been directed to impose, by the Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.

The salient features of the premium warranty clause are detailed below:

In the event you have already paid the full premium, please advise us the date of payment and the receipt or cheque number including bank and the branch.