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Shop policy

Our shop policy is specifically designed for small and medium shop owners whose building and content value does not exceed Rs 25 million. This policy provides protection for various aspects of your business.

Main covers

Coverage for your business premises, its stocks and other contents against fire, allied perils and burglary.
A maximum coverage up to Rs. 500,000 for money in transit, money within the premises during business hours or cash in a safe (outside of normal business hours)
Personal Accident
Covers you, your family members and your employees up to a maximum of 5 persons with maximum limit of Rs 250,000 per person.
Daily hospital allowance
Up to Rs 2,000 for 14 days for hospitalization due to an accident for the insured.

You will also receive the following free coverages with this policy

Workmen’s compensation
A free cover for your employees in the event of an accident or sickness while being employed with you.
Public Liability
A free legal liability cover for third party bodily injury or property damage that takes place at premises up to a limit of Rs 1 Million

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