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Partnerships – Mobitel

Fairfirst Mobitel Insurance Cover


The loss of income is a product which provides the support to the Insured, when the insured person suffers an income loss due to physical disablement, sickness or an accident. Further additional covers include income loss due to loss of employment and death benefit cover due accident. This cover will be provided through Mobitel, to their Pre-paid individual customers and postpaid individual customers where premium is deducted on daily basis for Pre-paid customers and for Post-paid customers on monthly basis.

The monthly fees set out in the list of benefit shall be collected by Mobitel and paid to Fairfirst Insurance Limited by Mobitel, on behalf of prepaid and postpaid customers of Mobitel. In the event the Premium is partially deducted, the amount of weekly benefit and other benefits will be provided, as set out in the “List of Benefits”. Cover will be effective in the subsequent month after collecting the minimum premium mentioned in the“List of Benefits”.

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