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Hospital Cash Plans – Daily Cash Allowance

With rising inflation comes about the rise in costs of many products & services. In this case, the increase in hospitalization expenses limits the average citizens access to proper health care facilities. Despite, having emergency reserves, the rise in inflation can cause the rise in cost of hospitalization to exceed available funds.

In response to such cases, the ease of mind solution is to avail health insurance policies that offer a daily cash allowance for each day you are admitted in hospital. This not only helps to meet various expenses but saves money as well.

What does this policy cover?

With Fairfirst Hospital Cash Insurance policy, we provide you with additional protection. Additional protection in terms of your incidental expenses such as traveling, food etc., which are generally not covered under your health insurance policy in the event of hospitalization.

This policy provides a cover on a lump sum basis (Daly Allowance) for expenses incurred by the Insured during hospitalization in the event of sickness / illness or injury.


We provide the cover Covid 19 epidemic related hospitalization

 BenefitsPlan 1
1.0Annual Limit100,000
1.1Room charges, intensive care unit charges, hospital charges including admission fees, hospital maintenance, treatment and surgical procedures, professional / doctor's fees, investigations and testsWithin the annual limit
1.2Hospitalization in a non-paying ward of a government hospital for the first 14 nights (per day) payable under annual limit2,000
1.3Out rendered investigations and drugs for an inpatient in government hospitals payable under annual limit50,000
1.4Emergency traveling (ambulance charges only) - payable under annual limit5,000


Adult Between 18 – 65 Years
Dependent Children – 01 year to 25 years
Family includes Insured’s Spouse and 02 Children
Geographical Limits – Sri Lanka Only
Policy Term – One Year – Renewable.
A 50% of excess deduction will be applied for claims made in the first three (3) months from the policy effective date. Once the 03 months have passed, the insured will eligible to 100% of the benefit after completing the 03 months payments.
Waiting period – 30 days except for accidental injuries


What's special about this cover?

Cashless facility - Hospital bills are settled immediately at the time of discharge from the hospital (This facility is only available for Fairfirst empaneled hospitals)
A fixed premium regardless of the age group
Lifelong renewal
Covering the individual and his/her family members (namely spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law)

Terms & Conditions

Waiting period - 10 days
Maximum entry age - 75 years
Individual limits will be granted for each and every member of the family unit
Up to a maximum of 6 members including the card holder will be covered under a single policy

This is a brief of our insurance covers. For exclusions, conditions & more details please call us on 0112 428 428 or refer the policy document.


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