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Buying insurance is not the most boring thing anymore! Well, even though it still may not be the most interesting task on your to-do-list we have tried our very best to make it as cool & practical as possible. We have even gone to the extent of offering insurance on a “piece-meal” basis! So keep scrolling, it gets a whole lot more interesting!


Motor Insurance made easy

Quoted premium is intended for a new customer, if you have an existing insurance policy with us please visit one of our nearest branch's or your marketing representative to obtain the renewal terms and premium.

Expired insurance? Fret not, now you can get on and get going faster than it takes for you to get ready for work in the morning.

  • Convenience
  • Get insurance anytime anywhere
  • 24/7 availability
  • Quicker and better way to get insurance
  • Simple 3 step process
  • No waiting in crowds or lines
  • Physical branch locations all around Sri Lanka for additional support.

Instant Insurance

Fairfirst makes buying insurance easy

Any Vehicle

Simple 3 step process

Protect any vehicle with our customizable policies.

Any Time

Quicker and better way to get insurance

Policies issued in real-time, get on the road in minutes.

Any Place

No waiting in crowds or lines

Go online from anywhere in the world. Buy now with activation dates within the year.

Compare Covers

Choose the best option for you

Third Party

The bare minimum to get you started.

  • Covers death or bodily injury to any third party person
  • Covers any damaged property up to Rs. 15,000/=
  • Does not cover you
  • Does not cover any damages to your vehicle

Total Loss

Insure against the total loss of your vehicle.

  • Total Loss of vehicle due to Theft, Accident, Fire, External Explosion, Self-Ignition, Lightning or Natural Disaster
  • Third party Death or Bodily injury - Unlimited
  • Third party property damage up to a maximum of LKR 5 Million
  • Any partial Loss or Damages to your vehicle due to Theft, Accident, Fire, External Explosion, Self-Ignition, Lightning, Natural Disaster or any Malicious act
  • Any partial loss or Total loss due to SRCC (Strike Riots and Civil Commotion Cover)


The complete package, tailored to your needs.

  • Covers death or injuries caused to a third party person by your vehicle during an accident
  • Covers damages caused to a property of a third party person up to a maximum amount of 5 million rupees, due to accident caused by your vehicle
  • Covers damages to your vehicle based on the total sum insured
  • Add-ons available to extend your cover
  • Manage your own deductibles

Make Your Own

For the first time in Sri Lanka, create your own policy to fit your needs.

  • Total loss policy included as mandatory cover
  • Create the policy based on your requirements
  • Motor Insurance Policy DocumentDownload

Changing the way you feel
about insurance