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Fairfirst Mobile Screen Protection

Protect your mobile screen like its fine art

Dropping your phone makes your heart skip a beat (and not the good kind of beat). Unfortunately, one in three people break their smartphone in the first year. For some, the blame is on butterfingers and for others it’s just one of those days. So, protecting your phone becomes a top mission.

If you don’t have insurance at this point, you’d probably spend more than you should because accidental or liquid damage isn’t covered by warranty.

However, with Fairfirst Mobile Screen Insurance, you’re guaranteed a complete peace of mind against accidentally dropping your phone or spilling some water on it, despite the bullet-proof screen guard with an iron-clad casing.

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Crack goes the screen!

What is that one thing you could not live without? If the answer is ‘my phone’, then it’s best that you protect it at all costs with the ideal cover. In the event your phone screen gets damaged/cracked, Fairfirst Mobile Insurance will have you covered.

  • Paperless claim settlement within 24 hours
  • Insured for brand new as well as used mobile phones
  • Covered against accidental screen damages
  • Covered against liquid screen damages
  • Covered globally
  • 3 attractive coverage plans to choose from
  • Full benefit amount settled during a claim

Make the right call with Fairfirst Insurance

Why you should protect your mobile screen with us

Covered against the most important

Instant peace of mind

From land to sea activities and everything in between, we insure your mobile screen against cracks or liquid spills. So, just wind down and relax as we process your claim settlement within 24 hours

Fully digital experience

Convenient digital experience

You’ll be insured within seconds - no time wasted just real time assured as we are a believer in paperless transactions

Get Covered While You Travel

Worldwide cover

Don’t limit your coverage to only Sri Lanka. Get it while you travel the world too

How to buy your screen protection cover

A simple 3 step process

Step 1

Step 1

Buy online
Take your cursor to our quick quote calculator to buy your policy online.

Step 2

Step 2

A quick assessment
We will send you a link for a quick online self-inspection of your phone, to make sure there are no existing damages.

Step 3

Step 3

You're protected
We'll activate your policy for you to be on your way not having to worry about your screen ever again.

Mobile phone insurance from Fairfirst Insurance.

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What is this policy?

Phones have become an additional limb of our body. We use our trusty gadget for paying bills to booking tickets abroad and even to grocery shopping online. So, we understand the inconvenience if your phone had a flaw. Which is why Fairfirst offers a comprehensive mobile screen insurance with great prices and the support of an experienced in-house customer care team to help make your phone flawless.

Our mobile phone insurance policies are perfect for people who use their device every day. So, if you accidentally smash the screen or spill some water on it, you can rely on Fairfirst to help you through the costs of replacing the screen.

Benefits of Fairfirst Mobile Screen Insurance

Cracked Screen
Dropped or knocked your device and the screen is cracked? Don’t worry, we will help get it repaired!
Liquid Damage
Nothing attracts water quite like high-tech gadgets. Protect your device against liquid damage and we’ll help cover any costs required to repair it.
Worldwide Cover
We know that going abroad brings out the shutterbug in you. Which means that you’ll be pleased to know that your phone is globally protected as well.


What is not covered

Theft or Loss
Unfortunately your device won’t be covered if it has been stolen or lost.
Wear and Tear
Like all things, your mobile phone is bound to give you trouble as it gets older. These damages are not covered in our policy.
Unauthorized repairs
If you decide to repair your device on your own or by a non-professional, it’s safe to say that you probably shouldn’t.
Manufacturer defects
Mechanical or electronic breakdowns caused due to manufacturer defects are not covered.
Other Damages
Any damages made to other parts of the phone or its accessories will not be covered.


How to make a claim

Step 1
Give us a call on +94 112 428 428 to lodge your claim. Please make sure to let us know of any damages within 48 hours.
Step 2
If an expert is available you will be transferred immediately if not we'll schedule a time to carry out the virtual assessment.
Step 3
Once your claim has been approved you can get your phone repaired at any preferred service centre and we'll transfer the full amount to your bank account.

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