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If you are visiting this page, it means that you have already made a sensible and responsible decision to uplift the wellbeing of your employees and their families. We sincerely appreciate and thank you, because we agree with you – happy and healthy employees are at the foundation of any amazing organisation.

We also understand that your primary motive is to find the best insurance cover to enhance the wellbeing of your employees while aligning with your organisation’s financial goals. Meet Fairfirst Health Unlimited – a wholesome insurance solution designed to offer you a comprehensive response to your objectives.

What makes Fairfirst's Health Unlimited so great?

Customise the cover/benefits to suit the unique requirements and goals of your employees as well as your organisation.
Have insurance not merely for treatment and emergency care but also for prevention and wellbeing.
Enable your employees to access healthcare & treatment while maintaining social distancing. Therefore, not only is it Work From Home but also Wellbeing At Home.
Have access to mental counselling and wellbeing apart from a normal hospitalisation cover.
Manage claims settlements effortlessly by taking control from your end

Why protect your employees with Fairfirst Health Unlimited

Create a policy that best fits YOUR needs & requirements
You can tailor-make covers, benefits and sub-limits to suit your unique requirements. This lets you manage insurance coverages with better focus on treatment whilst minimising unnecessary expenses.
A proactive approach towards good health
This policy allows your employees to proactively manage their day-to-day wellbeing with routine check-ups offered via the policy itself.
Simplified online processes
Your employees can opt to virtually consult health professionals from the safety and comfort of their homes and even have medicine delivered to their doorstep
Covering every aspect of health & wellbeing
A balanced wellbeing requires both physical and mental wellness. That’s why this policy provides coverage to receive consultations and treatments for Psychiatric and Psychosomatic conditions.
A secure E-Portal for end-to-end policy management
Track and manage your employees’ health insurance benefits and limits from anywhere with our E-Portal.
Super fast claim settlements
We guarantee that most of our OPD claims will be settled within 2 working days, and all settlements pertaining to cashless indoor claims will be settled within 1 hour from the time of discharge by the hospital.
sensible health cover

A sensible cover for the right treatment

Most health insurance packages in the market are designed with the sole focus of settling a hospital bill upon a medical emergency. Whilst this may sound adequate, such covers tend to ignore the real purpose of Health Insurance and recurring health emergencies which your employees may come across during their tenure.
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Talk to us to insure your employees the smart way today. Fairfirst Health Unlimited: Tailor-made for you and your employees.

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