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At a time when health has become the most talked about topic globally, all of us have become mindful of the status of our health as well as our wellbeing. As a result, people are looking for smarter and more holistic ways to look after their health and prepare for future emergencies that may arise, so that they can progress in their daily lives with peace of mind.

Being an insurance company that’s sensitive to these emerging needs, we are launching a refreshed health and wellbeing solution which prioritizes the needs of you and your employees at all times. Fairfirst Health unlimited is a wholesome and holistic insurance product designed to give you a tailormade solution that offers physical and mental wellbeing plans, ayurvedic treatments, 24/7 telemedicine consultations, doorstep delivery medicine services, all under one plan.


This comprehensive cover also comes with a built-in e-Portal to help you track and manage health insurance benefits of all your employees in a seamless manner.
sensible health cover

A sensible cover for the right treatment

Most health insurance packages in the market are designed with the sole focus of settling a hospital bill upon a medical emergency. Whilst this may sound adequate, such covers tend to ignore the real purpose of Health Insurance and recurring health emergencies which your employees may come across during their tenure.
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While hospitals are committed to offering the best care, there are also areas where expenses can be controlled. Unwanted room expenses are one such leakage. In reality, there could be more. Just as these leakages have a negative impact on employees’ health and wellbeing, they too can have an adverse effect on the organization as well.


That’s why Fairfirst Health Unlimited not only helps prevent cover leakage through unnecessary expenses, but also gives you more control over your loss ratio. As a result, you can manage your health insurance expenses in a smarter way while enjoying better premiums at the point of onboarding or renewing your policy.

How can you achieve better care at better rates with Fairfirst Health Unlimited

Our qualified and experienced underwriters have studied market trends and historical data to carefully set individual provisions for each expense category that is common to any type of hospitalization. These expense categories are as follows:


As these provisions are clearly stated in the policy conditions/documents, both employees and hospitals will be able to manage treatment plans in a sensible manner whilst ensuring the right care is administered at the right price.


Fairfirst Health Unlimited includes a range of new and improved features that extend beyond the standard benefits of an employeeinsurance cover

Benefits Include

Transparent Cover
Fairfirst Health Unlimited includes a range of new and improved features that extend beyond the standard benefits of an employee insurance cover.
Catered to individual preferences
Select the right plan and cover limit that suits your organization.
Beyond physical care
A balanced wellbeing requires both physical and
mental wellness. The cover also extends to any
professional mental health support your
employees may require during a recovery
Routine and remote consultations – A must-have at a time of social distancing
This plan offers your employees the choice of an exclusive online medical consultation benefit from the comfort and safety of their homes.
Cashless hospital facility
We offer hassle-free payment methods by directly coordinating with the hospital when settlement of your bill.
Super-Fast claim settlements
We have a record of settling super-fast health claims as we guarantee that most of our OPD claims will be settled within 2 working days, and all settlements pertaining to indoor claims will be settled within 1 hour from the time of discharge by the hospital.
Medicine at your doorstep
To further ease the employee’s recovery process, the cover offers delivery of prescription medicines to his/her doorstep.
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Talk to us to insure your employees the smart way today. Fairfirst Health Unlimited: Tailor-made for you and your employees.

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