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Fairfirst Cyber Crime Protection

Your comprehensive cover against online threats

The digital age has allowed us to shop for things from around the globe, transact from the comfort of our homes and carry out completely cashless purchases.

Increased reliance on our mobile phones, laptops & tabs significantly increases our vulnerability to cybersecurity threats. Hacks, mistakes, or attacks on these devices can result in alarming out-of-pocket expenses. When it comes to online crimes or frauds, it isn’t a matter of whether it will happen, but rather when it will happen. To prevent it from happening, you’ll need comprehensive protection from an insurer that specialises in handling cyber risks and offers a full suite of integrated claim solutions to help minimise damages.

Buy Mobile Screen Insurance Online

Crack goes the screen!

What is that one thing you could not live without? If the answer is ‘my phone’, then it’s best that you protect it at all costs with the ideal cover. In the event your phone screen gets damaged/cracked, Fairfirst Mobile Insurance will have you covered.

  • Paperless claim settlement within 24 hours
  • Insured for brand new as well as used mobile phones
  • Covered against accidental screen damages
  • Covered against liquid screen damages
  • Covered globally
  • 3 attractive coverage plans to choose from
  • Full benefit amount settled during a claim

Make the sensible choice with Fairfirst Insurance

Why you should protect your online transactions with us

Digital security

Keeping you ahead

We are the market leader in cyber insurance. We will keep you and your business ahead of any industry threats just like we would keep our business.

secure payments

Online peace of mind

Online & digital payments are appealing and seamless, but there's always the risk of online frausdters stealing your identity and funds. Don't worry and simply 'add to cart' as we've got you insured with a comprehensive set of covers.

Get Covered While You Travel

Protection for a world of cybercrime

Digital payments can be made from anywhere in the world; and so can our insurance.

How to buy your comprehensive Cyber Crime protection cover

A simple 3 step process

Step 1

Step 1

Buy online
Take your cursor to our quick quote calculator and choose your device for premium details.

Step 2

Step 2

Pick a plan
Choose a protection plan that matches your budget and risk appetite.

Step 3

Step 3

You're protected
Pay online and receive your policy in real-time. You'll be covered instantly!

Cyber Crime Protection from Fairfirst Insurance.

Making Insurance the Sensible Choice.



What is this policy?

Be it ordering your dinner, re-stocking your weekly groceries or just simply paying your electricity bill – we are increasingly choosing to do these via online & digital transactions.

You have made the sensible choice of transacting online, so why not be more sensible by insuring your digital presence with Fairfirst Cyber Crime Protection Insurance. There are many ways you may be exposing yourself to unknowingly – it could be each time you transact online or when making a payment through a merchant resulting in a data breach or even through a spyware app on your personal device. With this cover, we try and minimize the potential financial risk of you becoming a victim of cyber hacking.

Benefits of Fairfirst Cyber Crime Protection Insurance

Online Transactions
We understand that you perform a range of online transactions. However while doing so, if an unauthorized entity gains access to your funds and performs a fraudulent transaction, we help you recover your losses of up to LKR 50,000.
On the other hand we also know that all payments can't be made online. So, we've got you covered even when you have to step out to collect cash and make payments in person.
Snatched Baggage
A claim entitlement of up to LKR 50,000 if baggage containing your mobile phone / tab / laptop is stolen and is used to perform unauthorized transactions.
Lost Documents/Phone
A reimbursement cover of up to LKR 5,000 to replace your mobile device and important documents (such as the NIC, passport, driving license, travel documents) that are stolen / lost during a robbery.
Injury Due To Robbery
A daily hospitalization cover of up to LKR 20,000 to help you recover from an injury sustained during a robbery (maximum of 30 days, per annum).
Accidental Death
An accidental death cover of LKR 500,000 in the event of death during a robbery.


What is not covered

Intentionally injuring yourself
If you intentionally hurt yourself as an attempt to injury during a robbery, we advice against such an act.
Except if you get sick due to an accidental cut or wound caused by a robbery.
Committing a criminal act
If you purposely stage or commit a criminal act, you will not be covered.
Mobile phone left unattended
Make sure your phone is always with you because if your phone that was left unattended was stolen will not be covered.
Bank / Financial Institution error
A loss caused from an error by an officer or employee of the bank/financial institution .
Bank / Financial Institution error
A loss caused from an error by an officer or employee of the bank/financial institution .

There are a few other areas we do not cover, so have a look at our policy document just so you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to obtaining insurance and making a claim


How to make a claim

Step 1
Give us a call on +94 112 428 428 to lodge your claim. Please make sure to let us know of any anomalies within 48 hours.
Step 2
If an expert is available you will be transferred immediately if not we'll log in your claim request.
Step 3
Once your claim has been approved you can get your we'll transfer the full amount to your bank account.

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