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Tea Factory Insurance

This Insurance is a fire and allied perils policy that offers cover against damages to Tea factory buildings, fixtures and fittings, plant and machinery, stocks, furniture, and other contents that are incidental to the manufacture of Tea.

What it Covers

The standard cover is a fire Insurance policy covering the following perils at an additional premium depending on the merits of the risk involved, which is measured at the time of a compulsory inspection and warranties imposed accordingly.

Fire and lightning (rates are governed by compliance of tea factory warranties)
Explosion (excluding explosion/ implosion of boilers, economizers or other vessels, machinery or apparatus in which steam is generated)
Electrical extra
Aircraft including damage caused by any article dropped there from (excluding pressure waves)
Riot, strike, and Terrorism
Cyclone, storm, tempest, hurricane, typhoon, tornado, volcanic eruption, tidal waves and tsunami
Flood damage
Impact damage caused by any vehicle or animal (other than own)
Malicious damage
Escape of water from tanks, pipes and apparatus
Spontaneous combustion

Basis of sum insured

New factory building - The current cost of reconstruction of the building to the original form
New plant & machinery and other factory contents- The cost of replacement with a new item of similar capacity and make
Old factory building and machinery - Depreciated value
Stocks - Cost price taking into account various stages of production


Particulars of cover and exclusions given above are not complete or exhaustive. For more details please call us on 0112 428 428 or visit one of our nearest branches.

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