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Electronic Equipment Insurance

With increasing global connectivity, most businesses and work establishments are decked out with state of the art electronic equipment, often at a great cost. It is important to therefore, insure you businesses against damage, burglary, and breakdown. All electronic equipment used in residences, offices, commercial establishments, and industries, could be covered under this Insurance policy. For instance:

Computers including portable equipment
Communication facilities
Office machinery
Industrial machines controlled by electronic components

What it Covers

The Electronic Equipment Policy is structured as:

Section 1 – Material damage
Section 2 – External data media
Section 3 – Increased cost of working

The scope of cover is on all risks basis due to sudden, unforeseen and accidental loss or damage to equipment caused by:

Fire and allied perils other than earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hurricane, cyclone or typhoon
Electrical causes
Failure of air-conditioning equipment
Negligence, faulty operation, carelessness
Riot, strike and terrorism

Basis of sum insured

The sum insured must represent the new replacement value of the equipment including custom duties, transportation and installation charges.


Particulars of cover and exclusions given above are not complete or exhaustive. For more details please call us on 0112 428 428 or visit one of our nearest branches.

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