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Contractors All Risk Insurance

All types of civil engineering works, ranging from small buildings to massive dams are exposed to damage from a wide range of causes including, fire, lightning, flood, inundation, storms, cyclones, and other accidental damages. ‘Contractors All Risks Policy’ is a comprehensive insurance, which provides complete protection against all types of civil construction risks. This cover can be taken jointly by the owner/ principal covering the interest of all other parties like main contractor, sub contractor, financial institution, bank, etc.

What it Covers

Section 1 – Material damage
Principals existing property
Removal of debris
Construction plant, equipment and machinery
Riot and strike
Section 2 – Third party liability for bodily injury and property


The cover starts from the time of mobilization at the site up to the time of successful construction and maintenance thereafter.

Basis of sum insured

The sum insured for the insurance should not be less than the full value of the contract on completion of the construction. Basically, insurance should be for the contract price. Principals often supply contractors with materials on 'free issue' to be built into the contract. These values should be declared separately and will be added as part of the contract.


Particulars of cover and exclusions given above are not complete or exhaustive. For more details please call us on 0112 428 428 or visit one of our nearest branches.

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