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1 Sandeep Gopal, to spearhead Fairfirst Insurance Limited as the New Chief Executive Officer

Fairfirst Insurance, a company that is established based on deep Sri Lankan roots and world-class service standards welcomes aboard Sandeep Gopal, as the new captain of Team Fairfirst effective 1st May 2021. Sandeep Gopal, the new Chief Executive Officer, will be taking over from Dr. Sanjeev Jha who will be transitioning into a global role

2 Fairfirst recognized as the ‘Best General Insurance Brand in Sri Lanka’ by a host of Local & Global Awards.

3 Fairfirst Agents Leading The Industry With Highest Pass Marks From National Accreditation Body, SLII

Fairfirst Personal Accident Insurance

4 Fairfirst WhatsApp Motor Insurance – Let’s Chat.

Fairfirst Cyber Insurance

5 Fairfirst Cyber Insurance

Fairfirst Personal Accident Insurance

6 Whatsapp Insurance

Fairfirst Personal Accident Insurance

7 Fairfirst Insurance To Make Personal Accident Insurance More “Personal”

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