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5 Reason Why You Need Pet Insurance

As a pet-parent, your life is probably packed with endless surprises – both pleasant and disastrous. Rushing your fur baby to the vet during unforeseen circumstances, like when they swallow a foreign object or when they’ve refused to eat anything the whole day is the most nerve-wrecking time of your life. How exactly can pet insurance help? Here are 5 reasons you need to get your pet insured.

They get sick

A no-brainer, just like any of us, pets get sick. They get skin rashes, fever, diarrhoea, diabetes, allergies, etc. Pets, especially dogs, tend to eat anything and everything within reach, and sometimes out of reach, and when they do, this can cause a series of illnesses. A pet insurance will cover the unexpected costs of when your pet gets sick, including regular visits to the vet, surgeries, post-op checks, medication and additional tests that they would need.

They are accident prone

Whether you have a hyperactive or a brave pet, they are always going to be prone to accidents. From broken nails and sprained muscles to lacerations or even getting hit by a moving vehicle, pets are constantly getting into accidents. With pet insurance, these accidents will help your pet get the best care possible without burning a hole through your wallet at an unexpected time.

Vet bills are unpredictable

From surgery bills to treatment costs and even general check-ups, vet bills can be incredibly unpredictable. Many of us can’t always afford the sky-high bills, which in turn makes our pets suffer more when we can’t give them the care they deserve, at a time when they need it. With pet insurance, rest assured your bills will be taken care of and the only thing you’ll have to worry about is looking after your four-legged friend.

Insurance can cover third-party liabilities

If your mischievous munchkin loves running into your neighbours’ gardens and digging things up or if your lovable pooch is not so friendly with strangers, insurance will protect you and your pet from third-party liabilities, in case you need to pay for any damages; whether personal or property.

Flexible packages

With Fairfirst Insurance, covering your pet with a secure insurance plan has never been easier or more convenient. Tailor-made packages depending on your budget, type, breed and sex of pet are all considered before giving you one that fits! The insurance coverage will include expenses for surgical and non-surgical treatments, vet expenses from accidental injury, death of the pet due to incidental injury, and any third-party liability that arises from owning your furry friend.